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<p>T/C Accessories Round Ball Patches are 100 percent cotton, non toxic, and biodegradable.</p>.

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Backorder OK. 54 & 56 Caliber Unlubricated Roundball Cotton Patches (100 Count) 030-31007034 | Thompson Center. $5.83. Backorder OK. .45 & .50 Caliber Prelubricated Roundball Cotton Patches (100 Count) 030-31007043 | Thompson Center. $8.00. Backorder OK.

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My Traditions St.Louis Hawken kit gun in .50 caliber, shooting a home cast .490" round ball, .020" patch, 70gr 3fg Goex and a CCI #11 Percussion cap. ... but the round ball still works. I grew up shooting whitetails with a 50 cal round ball over about 60gr of powder. Killed a bunch of em. The elk in the picture was shot with a 50 cal round ball. Larger dia ball is more mass, so takes more effort to spin up. Typically round ball twist rates are very slow, 1:60 kind of thing for 50cal. It does not take much movement to stabilize a ball so slower is the key for higher power loads. If you do have a faster twist then yes you are limited to the load you can use.

SKU: A1642 Price: $21.00 Revolver Round Balls Bulk Pack .45 cal 147 grain QTY 100 A1649 SKU: A1649 Price: $22.00 Rifle Lead Round Balls .50 cal 177 grain QTY 20 A1241 SKU: A1241 Price: $8.00 Rifle Lead Round Ball Bulk Pack .50 cal 177 grains QTY 100 A1644 SKU: A1644 Price: $23.00.

I measured some factory patches for 44-50 cal and they were 1 3/8 inch. Personally I doubt if the extra 1/8 inch would make any difference in your 50 as the others were recommended for a 44 also. Some folks have used square patches and found them to be very accurate. Thickness and lube tend to contribute to accuracy the most. DP.

Hornady Lead Round Balls for MuzzleLoader Derringers & Rifles. .32 Caliber - .310 Dia. Made by Hornady 100/Pack Revolver - Pocket Cleaning Kit for .22 Cal. Revolvers. MSRP: $10.29. ... Traditions WonderLube 1000 Plus Shooting Patches, 50 & 54 Cal. 100% cotton. Pre-lubed with WonderLube 1000 plus, for quick reloads. Proven to reduce fouling and.

Traditions Swaged Round Balls . 50 cal . 100 pk. Model: A1644. TThis picture is a ... perfect for shooting a patch and lead round ball. The barrel comes equipped with traditional fixed blade sights to maintain historical accuracy and preserve the original aesthetic of the Kentucky Rifle.

Mar 31, 2008. #1/6. At the Lunenburg gun show I picked up an old Traditions 50 cal Shenandoah flintlock for pretty much dirt cheap money. In talking with the guy he said his best load was with 65 gr of 3F using a .490 50 cal ball and a lubed .010 patch. I easily found 50 Cal balls with a .490 diameter. My question though is with the patches.

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  • Past due and current rent beginning April 1, 2020 and up to three months forward rent a maximum of 18 months’ rental assistance
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1-48 of 83 results for "50 cal round balls" RESULTS. ...Lancer Tactical Defense Ball 0.50 Cal for Self Defense Includes Pepper Ball, Rubber Ball, for Use in All Pepper Ball Launchers in 0.50 Cal, Pack of 7 Each. 3.3 out of 5 stars 4. $23.95 $ 23.95. Get it Tue, Jul 26 - Fri, Jul 29. . Buy 50 cal, .490, Lead Round Balls and Maxi Balls, 70ct: GunBroker is the largest seller of Reloading. I have a Pennsylvania .50 cal flintlock rifle with a 1:66 twist to shoot round balls. I use 15 grains of FFFFg in the primer pan and 120 grains of FFFg as main charge. With a .049 round ball and pillow Ticking .018 patch. ... With a .049 round ball and pillow Ticking .018 patch. I get very tight groupings with this. Juggernaut.

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There's nothing wrong with a 50 . The advantage with a 54 on targets, though quite small, is real in that the ball is .04 larger in diameter. With a really close shot that .04 can make a difference, as slight as it is. Were I out to by a dedicated round ball barrel 1-66 would be the.

2022 California General. The last day to register to vote for the November 8, 2022, General Election is October 24, 2022. All California active registered voters will receive a vote-by-mail ballot for the November 8, General Election. Your county elections office will begin mailing ballots no later than October 10, 2022. Your General Election. The ball on the left is actually .490" diameter buckshot, which comes packaged in an 8-pound bag from Ballistic Products Inc., of Corcoran, MN. Typical retail for a box of 100 Hornady swaged .490" round balls runs about $18 ... for an average "per shot" cost of 18-cents. That bag of "Super Buckshot" offered by BPI will set you back $36.90.

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Wads & Patches; Tipton Gun Cleaning; Bullets, Sabots & Balls ... Wonder Wads are used over the powder and under the patched round ball or conical bullet. They safely seal each chamber and help prevent a chance of chain-fires. ... .31/.32 cal, 3600D – .36 cal, 4000D – .40 – .44/.70 cal, 4400D – .44/.45 cal, 5000D – .50 cal, 5400D.

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Burnt or cut patches will have a detremental effect on accuracy. If it is a new barrel it could very well have sharp edges or burrs on the rifling, and these will smooth out after about 100 shots or so. If the rifling twist is 1/24" or 1/48" it ain't gonna group round balls real good, 1/66" or 1/72" is a better fit for roundballs.

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Barrett M107A1 50 BMG Semi Auto FDE,29" barrel #18065 brand new in the Pelican case.Ammunition available. GUN COLLECTIONS WANTED FOR CASH! We buy, sell, consign and trade new and u....

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Muzzle Loader Originals Shooting Patches 50 Through 59 Caliber .015" Thickness P... $8.70 Harvester Muzzleloading Scorpion .50 Caliber Sabot 260 Grain .451 Funnel Point M... $14.88 Thompson/Center Arms .50 Caliber Muzzleloading Maxi Hunter Bullet 350 Grains 20 ... $29.67.

Muzzle-Loaders .32 Cal Bullet Puller for Round Balls and Sabots - .32 Caliber. $6.99. 48 sold. ... 50 cal Lubed 100% Wool Felt Discs (Qty 100) Homemade. $12.50. ... Shooting Patches. Bullet Starter. Nipple Wrench. Powder Horn. Shop by Ammunition Type. Black Powder. Round Ball.

The Barrett 50 cal is serious firepower for extreme distances. Go big or go home with the 50 cal rifles and accessories available at Omaha Outdoors. ... Barrett M82A1 50 BMG 10 Round Magazine $158.00 (Save up to 10%) Price $142.49. 13355. Barrett. Barrett M95 5 Round Magazine. Price $169.44. 13345. The terminal ballistics of a 180 grain, .50 caliber roundball at 100 yards are slightly better than a 158 grain, .38 Special P+ round (880 fps) at the muzzle. That is, a 13" long by 0.6" diameter wound channel. Poking a 13" long hole in any animal smaller than a full-grown Holstein will put it.

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